Group or individual activities are offered to encourage little one’s natural curiosity. Paint, collage, music, dance, gymnastic, and cooking are all part of development and socialization skills. We give your child enough room for his/her imagination and creativity to run wild through free-play.

Your child's fun filled day includes semi-structured activities that include circle time where they are exposed to both French and English stories, sing and learn traditional French songs, nursery rhymes, dance, play games, and engage in arts & crafts.

  • Music

  • Singing

  • Dancing

  • Gymnastic

  • Yoga

  • Story time

  • Painting

  • Cutting

  • Collage

  • Cooking

Studies show that exposure to a foreign language in the early stages of a child’s development enables children to fluently master that language and develop a multifaceted perspective of the world. As a result, children who learn a second language are better equipped to communicate and adapt their interactions with people of different cultural backgrounds and perspectives.

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